joe-newAfter finding success at every stage in an expansive career for Fortune 500 companies, Joe Petrone has pivoted, rather nicely, into real estate. His depth of experience and talents have been an immediate asset for Prime Building Advantage. No surprise, Petrone hit the ground running and has closed a significant number of sales; with his listings portfolio continuing to grow.

Petrone’s resume is packed with accolades and achievements for some of the largest global brands in the world, from General Electric and Lockheed Martin to, most recently, Estee Lauder. He will bring the accumulated skills of working across the globe in multiple countries and with diverse cultures, to PBA.

“It’s time for a new challenge,” Petrone said. “I’m eager to bring my people-skills and negotiating prowess to the team and to our clients; ensuring unparalleled representation on both the purchase and sell sides of our business.

The diverse background Petrone brings to the team is unmatched. As PBA continues its growth, his fresh perspective on all aspects of real estate will help ensure the company continues to find creative and unique approaches to solving the detailed and nuanced demands of the company’s discerning customers.

“Whenever you have the opportunity to hire someone as dynamic and intelligent as Joe, you jump at it,” said Charlie Hatter, co-owner of PBA. “I’m excited to see all the success he finds with his clients. It will be a long and distinguished list.”