watkinsWashington DC’s Capitol Hill is famous — for its political significance, for its culture and charm, for its sought-after storefronts and those classic row houses.

Tucked just behind that iconic dome, just behind the landmarks that make Capitol Hill, Capitol Hill, all who venture to seek will find alleyways filled with workshops and warehouses that teem with activity (and have for over 150 years); within this secret world, hidden from the view of daily passersby, you might:

Find yourself at home at Watkins Alley.

This is quintessential Capitol Hill, where the old becomes new again, and the new bears a touch of vintage. Watkins Alley perfectly reflects the eclectic conglomeration of clean, industrial style, and ornate, classic Victorian architecture so unique to Capitol Hill. District residents who choose to call Watkins Alley home can enjoy the best of all worlds, as terraced facades spill light into open interiors, and private balconies overlook gorgeous courtyards below.

Choose from among these 44 luxury homes; no matter if a two-bedroom condo is your style, or a three- (or four-)bedroom townhome better suits your needs, when you find yourself at home at Watkins Alley, you find urban living… at its finest.