A quiet life in a quaint little town, in a charming home:

This has been your lifelong dream.

Long Point Farm offers coastal panoramas, and swoon-worthy homes…

long-point-2Long Point Farm will be the site of an artfully designed coastal colony; with one of a kind luxury homes, and expansive views of land and water all around, this premier community has charm and style in spades. Maryland homebuyers are given the opportunity to build the home of their dreams, on the custom lot of their choosing. If you want five acres or 25, direct deep-water access or just a vista, here the only limitation is your imagination. These unique residential masterpieces will reveal each homebuyer’s vision as well as the creativity and expertise of a handpicked architect and builder team.

…in a waterside Maryland community that dates back to the 17th century

Oxford, Maryland is one of the oldest towns in American history, having been founded in the year 1683. Venture out of your stately home, and into the little village you call your own; venture out early enough and you’ll find local watermen at the dock unloading the day’s catch. Locals and visitors alike go out on the town, or to dinner — all by sailboat. While other waterfront towns have succumbed to waterfront condos and glitz, Oxford has retained its historic charm. The tourism and leisure activities are fueled by people’s desire for quiet charm, fresh air, summer breezes, and a haven from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A quiet life in a quaint little town, in a charming home:

That dream becomes your reality at Long Point Farm.

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